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New Year’s tourist preferences of Russians have become known Russian news EN

RST Vice-President Barzykin: 30% of Russians have already decided on a holiday destination for the New Year

Vice President Russian Union of Tourism Industry (PCT) Yuri Barzykin told how the tourist flows were divided for the New Year holidays. According to him, a third of the Russians who have already decided on a vacation spot will go to ski resorts. Some of the travelers preferred a health-improving vacation. The last third of Russians will go to the New Year in sightseeing tourism. The specialist spoke about this during a conversation with

From 30 percent or more of Russians have already decided on the direction of the holiday for the New Year, said Barzykin. They divided roughly in equal shares into three parts, he added.

The first third of Russians will go to ski resorts for the New Year. “For example, in Krasnaya Polyana there are already up to 50 percent of booked hotel rooms. The same in the ski resort Sheregesh. Some hotels are completely sold out. Ski resorts in the Elbrus region, Dombay, Arkhyz are actively booked,” shared the RST Vice President.

Slightly more than a third of Russians preferred health-improving or ecological tourism for the New Year. “That is, everything related to health and the environment. Up to 40 percent of those. Our health resorts and sanatoriums offer packages of five and ten days of wellness holidays for the New Year holidays. Most with winter swimming pools. In general, they are also in active demand, ”the expert said.

In particular, winter beaches are being equipped and opened on the Black Sea coast, Barzykin said. This will enable travelers to spend their leisure time on them, walk and engage in sports tourism.

“The third segment is cultural and educational, excursion. It also applies to such well-known brands as the “Father Frost Train” to Veliky Ustyug and a number of other directions, for example, along the Golden Ring, to the northwest in St. Petersburgplus in Karelia”, the expert said.

He noted that by the beginning of November, there are from 5 to 20 percent more bookings than at the same time last year.

Earlier it became known that the Russians began to be more active buy vouchers for the winter period, including the New Year, in Thailandon the Sri Lankain India and Vietnam. It is noted that demand began to grow due to the expansion of air travel in November.

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