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Named the reason for the changed position of Zelensky in negotiations with Russia Russian news EN

Politico: US pushed Zelensky to announce talks with Russia

USA push the president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to negotiations with Russia. About it writes Politico.

Two interlocutors of the publication indicate that the Ukrainian leader changed his rhetoric and expressed the conditions for starting a dialogue after a “soft nudge” from the Biden administration and a visit to Kyiv US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. At the same time, one of the sources in the White House noted that a direct indication of the need to change the position, although not sounded, from Washington an instruction was transmitted that Kyiv should show readiness to end hostilities “reasonably and peacefully.”

November 8 Zelensky named conditions for negotiations with Russia. The requirements were compensation for all losses caused as a result of a special military operation (SVO), restoration of the integrity of the country’s territory, respect for the Charter UN, punishment of war criminals, as well as guarantees that NWO will not happen again. In addition, Zelensky for the first time did not demand that Russia return to the 1991 borders.

After that, Professor of International Relations at Hamilton College (USA) Alan Kafruni told “” that the United States may not be able to seat Ukraine at the negotiating table with Russia, despite significant influence on the Ukrainian leadership. According to him, the United States has serious leverage on Kyiv because of the financial and military support provided to him. “However, in the heat of battle, it may be difficult to push Ukraine into negotiations, even if Washington wants it,” the expert doubted.

In October, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that Moscow ready for negotiations with Ukraine. At the same time, he notedthat Kyiv decided to abandon the dialogue.

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