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Lawyer Tarasov told in what cases the tax deduction for housing can be received twice

In some cases, Russians can double count on receiving a tax deduction for the purchase of housing. The conditions for this were named by the lawyer of the European Legal Service Alexey Tarasov, writes Prime.

The specialist said that Russians who bought their first apartment after January 1, 2014 for less than two million rubles can receive additional tax deductions when buying a second apartment.

So, if the first housing cost one and a half million rubles, then from the second one you can claim a deduction from no more than 500 thousand rubles, excluding the cost of paying off mortgage interest.

In order to receive a deduction, it is necessary to upload photos or scans of a sales contract, a mortgage agreement (if any), a record sheet on the registration of rights and a payment document to the taxpayer’s personal account, the expert recalled.

Earlier in Russia suggested increase home purchase tax refund. As the director of the company “Etazhi” said Ildar Khusainovin Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow region, Leningrad region and a number of northern and far eastern cities, it is proposed to raise the limit to 6 million rubles. For other regions, they want to increase the amount to 4 million rubles. Accordingly, payments will also increase to 780 and 520 thousand rubles.

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