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More than half of American voters criticized Biden’s work Russian news EN

CNN: About 54 percent of American voters are unhappy with Biden’s performance

About 54 percent of American voters criticized the president’s performance USA Joe Biden. About it informs TV channel CNN with reference to the data of its exit poll.

The TV channel conducted a survey at polling stations during the midterm elections in USA congress. It is noted that 46 percent of respondents stated the negative impact of the policy of the current American leader on the country. In addition, 39 percent of respondents shared that they are not satisfied with the way things are in the States. Another 34 percent of Americans said they feel angry about what is happening inside the country. Only 20 percent of voters expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Biden administration.

According to the study, the work of the current president of the United States, after two years in office, was approved by 45 percent of survey participants, while 54 percent were dissatisfied with it. Also, 16 percent of respondents felt that Biden’s policy does not bring fundamental changes to the life of the state.

Former President of the United States reported about the optimistic mood before the midterm elections to the Congress of the country. Biden said he believes the Democrats will win.

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