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Military exercises with the participation of NATO countries began in Poland Russian news EN

PAP: PUMA-22 exercise begins in Poland with the participation of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Britain and the USA

In Nova Demba, Polandmilitary exercises PUMA-22 started with the participation of countries NATO. In particular, about two thousand military personnel and 300 pieces of equipment from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Great Britain and USA. This was reported by the Polish newspaper PAP.

The exercises are held among the ground forces, armored and mechanized units, sappers, artillery, air defense and intelligence units. PUMA-22 will last until November 9, said the representative of the 18th Polish Mechanized Division, Przemysław Lipchinsky. He also noted that the main goal of the military was to improve the joint work of the troops, as well as to check the organization of tactical events.

Lipchinsky also added that the script for PUMA-22 was developed based on the conflict at Ukraine. About this he said CGTN.

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