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Novosibirsk scientists have proven the benefits of anti-stress toys for children who are keen on gadgets

Novosibirsk scientists came to the conclusion that popular anti-stress toys, including squishes and pop-its, can not only relieve stress and influence the development of fine motor skills, but also replace gadgets for children. About it reported on the website of the Federal Budgetary Institution “Novosibirsk Research Institute of Hygiene” Rospotrebnadzor.

At present, specialists from the Research Institute of Hygiene are planning to develop methodological recommendations on the use of such toys in the educational process. “Indicators that characterize the concentration of attention and mental performance, mood, appetite, success in performing dosed tasks, the need for verbal communication are subject to study,” the publication says.

It is noted that anti-stress toys affect the central nervous system due to fine motor skills of the fingers and by switching attention. This gives a quick relaxing effect, comparable to a well-organized dynamic pause. The study will be conducted throughout the academic year and summer holidays.

How told Izvestiya Deputy Director of Research Institute, Candidate of Medical Sciences Sergei Romanenko, after dosed contact with anti-stress toys, more than two-thirds of children had reduced anxiety, mood did not worsen, mental performance indicators were stable. There was also a less pronounced reaction to the load.

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