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Kudrin gave an assessment of the economic downturn Russian news EN

The head of the Accounts Chamber Kudrin said that the decline in GDP in 2022 will be 2.9-3.3 percent

The decline in the Russian economy at the end of the year may be 2.9-3.3 percent, said the head Accounts Chamber of Russia Alexey Kudrin. The corresponding assessment gave in an interview with RT.

“The unprecedented sanctions regime that was introduced against Russia, of course, affects our economy, and initially it was predicted that GDP would fall by more than 7 percent. Nevertheless, now, I think, the fall will be only about 2.9-3.3 percent,” Kudrin explained.

According to him, you need to understand that part of the burden of reducing GDP will fall on the next year – according to forecasts Ministry of Economic Development, in addition, the economy will shrink by 0.8 percent. “This is a realistic assessment. However, there may be more complex scenarios, taking into account possible restrictions on the sale of Russian oil or the introduction of a ceiling on prices for our energy products,” Kudrin emphasized.

Chapter Central Bank Elvira Nabiullinain turn, November 10 stated, which considers it a thankless task to assess the limits of the fall of the Russian economy and the timing of its entry into a growth trajectory. The head of the regulator stressed that the situation in the world has recently become aggravated. According to her, the response to any deterioration should be internal changes, the acceleration of structural transformation.

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