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Italy announced the transfer of up to 30 artillery installations to Kyiv Russian news EN

La Repubblica: Italy donates up to 30 M109L SPGs to Ukraine

Government Italy as part of the most recent, fifth military aid package Ukraine transferred from 20 to 30 M109L self-propelled artillery mounts. About it writes Italian edition of La Repubblica.

The newspaper states that Kyiv Some types of heavy weapons were transferred, including M113 armored personnel carriers, six PzH 2000 heavy howitzers, and two MLRS multiple launch rocket systems. At the same time, PzH howitzers are planned to be sent to the Bakhmut area, which is now being stormed RF Armed Forces. The exact contents of the packages remain classified.

“The last decree adopted by the government Mario Draghi, provided another heavy weapon, older but highly valued in Ukraine: M109L self-propelled howitzers. In the last couple of weeks, several of these howitzers have been photographed along the northern highways, ”the newspaper writes.

In the spring, Italy handed over Fh70 howitzers to Kyiv, which are used in the area Kharkov and Donetskas well as Lince armored vehicles, which are at the disposal of the assault units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.
“Now the Meloni government must decide whether to continue this line,” concludes the publication.

Former President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated Italian Prime Minister George Meloni on his appointment.

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