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It became known about the condition of the victims of the crash of the Mi-2 near Kostroma Russian news EN

The authorities said that the victims of the crash of the Mi-2 near Kostroma are in intensive care

As a result of the crash of the Mi-2 helicopter in Kostroma region three victims are in intensive care. This was stated by the director of the regional health department Nikolai Girin, he is quoted by TASS.

“Two multidisciplinary teams of ten people have been created, places in the operating room have been prepared, two operating rooms have been deployed, and places in intensive care have been prepared. Now three patients are in intensive care, diagnostic measures are underway, ”the representative of the authorities became aware.

He added that another patient is being operated on. The condition of three patients is severe and stably severe, another victim has an isolated injury and a fracture.

Helicopter suffered crash in the Kostroma region on Tuesday, November 8 – he fell a few kilometers from Sokerkino airport during the landing approach. One person died and four others were injured.

Governor of the Kostroma Region declaredthat two paramedics and two pilots were injured. Pre-cause of the fall could become a technical malfunction and pilot error.

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