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The court arrested for 11 days the deputy Mamontov, who left the child he hit at the scene of an accident

In the city of Tatarsk Novosibirsk region The world court arrested for 11 days a 67-year-old driver who left a six-year-old child he had hit at the scene of an accident. This was reported to in the press service regional prosecutor’s office.

We are talking about the deputy of the legislative body of the Tatar region Sergey Mamontovclarifies TASS. He was found guilty by the court of committing an administrative offense under Article 12.27 of the Code of Administrative Offenses RF (“Leaving the scene of an accident by the driver”). It follows from the case file that on October 30, a man driving a light car hit the boy and left the scene.

The driver pleaded guilty in court.

Regarding him excited also a criminal case under article 125 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Leaving in danger”). The prosecutor’s office intends to check the legality of the decision to initiate proceedings.

CCTV Cameras fixedas the SUV turns at high speed into the yard and runs over the child. After that, the man gets out of the car, leans over the victim, and then leaves.

How informed Minister of Health of the Novosibirsk Region Konstantin Khalzovthe boy is in a stable serious condition in the intensive care unit of the central district hospital.

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