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Investigation and court: Power structures:

In the suburbs, ten years later, the robbery of collectors for long hair and DNA was revealed

The Domodedovo court sentenced one of the gang members who attacked collectors ten years ago to five years in prison, the criminals then got 4.8 million dollars and 12.5 million rubles as booty. On Monday, November 7, reports “Moscow’s comsomolets”.

The investigation and the court established that in 2011 the convict, together with his accomplices, found out about the transfer by the investor from Kyrgyzstan a Moscow entrepreneur of a large sum for the purchase of machine tools for production. From airport “Domodedovo” money to the businessman had to be delivered by collectors. The criminals planned an attack on them.

They stole two cars, one of which was converted into a police car. The convict acted as a representative of the law enforcement officers. He stopped the collectors near the airport and attacked the driver, hitting him on the head with the butt of a machine gun. The criminals who came to the rescue pointed weapons at the rest of the escorts, and then they beat and robbed them.

The collectors tried to catch up with the bandits, but they shot through the wheels of the service car on the move and disappeared. So, their booty was 4.8 million dollars and 12.5 million rubles.

They were able to catch the first person involved in the case only ten years later. A police jacket with traces of the convict’s sweat was found in an abandoned car. Also, one of the collectors remembered his face, long hair and was able to identify him.

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