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Investigation and court: Power structures:

In Krasnoyarsk, the trial of a Russian who was going to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine began

The Krasnoyarsk regional court began consideration of the criminal case of a local resident who intended to fight on the side Ukraine. This was reported to by the press service of the court.

A man is accused of preparing to participate in an armed formation on the territory of a foreign state for purposes contrary to the interests Russia.

According to investigators, the accused is an adherent of the Nazi ideology. With the start of the special operation, he decided to leave for the territory of a neighboring state and join the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was detained at the border with Belarusthe competent authorities of which handed over the Russian to the employees of the Bryansk Department FSB.

The first hearings were held in the premises of the Bryansk Regional Court.

The materials contain information constituting a state secret, in connection with which the case will be partially considered behind closed doors. The next court session is scheduled for November 24, it will take place in the building of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Court.

The defendant’s name is Sergey Ulukshonov, he is 30 years old, clarifies “Kommersant”. He made a confession. The defendant in the case is unemployed. In June 2021, he left for Mexicomoved from there to USA and asked for political asylum there, but was refused. After that, the Russian was deported to his homeland.

After the detention in Belarus, the security forces found on Ulukshonov’s phone a recording of a conversation with a representative Security Services of Ukrainewhich confirms his guilt.

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