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Investigation and court: Power structures:

Near Lipetsk, parents were sentenced to three years of restriction of freedom for drinking beer with their son

AT Lipetsk region A married couple was sentenced to three years in prison for systematically soldering their 15-year-old son. On Tuesday, November 1, was informed by the prosecutor’s office of the Krasninsky district of the region.

They fully admitted their guilt and explained that they gave the teenager alcohol so that he would not drink alcohol in unfamiliar companies.

According to the supervisory authority, between February 7 and 15, the parents repeatedly consumed beer with an alcohol content of at least 4 percent with their son.

It is noted that the situation in the family is taken under control by the prosecutor’s office.

October 7th reportedwhat in Saratov region a Russian was sentenced to 11 years for killing his mother because of alcohol.

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