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Washington Post columnist Ignatius urged Biden to negotiate with Putin

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius in his new article urged US presidential administration Joe Biden listen to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The journalist also pointed out that Washington need to start negotiations with Moscow. “The need for greater diplomatic efforts between Russia and United States obvious. But it should be focused on preventing a catastrophic scenario between the two countries,” he said.

According to Ignatius, Biden must show that the United States does not seek the destruction of Russia and wants to avoid direct military conflict. The author of the article also recalled that on the eve of the conflict on Ukraine the Russian president demanded security guarantees from the West. “In order for the conflict in Ukraine not to escalate into something much worse, it is urgent to start negotiations,” the observer concluded.

Formerly Vladimir Putin addressed to residents of European countries with the words “Do not believe that Russia is your enemy or adversary. Russia is your friend.” He noted that Moscow has been doing everything for decades and is ready to do everything in the future in order to strengthen relations with Western partners.

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