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Demand for fake Ukrainian passports has grown on the darknet

In the Russian segment of the darknet, the demand for fake Ukrainian passports has grown. How figured out, you can buy an internal passport for about one and a half thousand dollars.

At the same time, outwardly a fake will have all the qualities of the original. Dealers specializing in the production of such documents observe all the subtleties of production, up to the use of paper of the required density, the weaving of protective ultraviolet threads and the application of watermarks. At the same time, such a document will not be listed in the internal databases of Ukrainian government agencies, so it is not recommended to use it on the territory of the country.

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The increased demand is explained by the fact that such a passport can be used in Europe, where Ukrainian refugees are allowed on internal documents. Also, buyers are attracted by various preferences that Ukrainians have in European countries. Many of them may qualify for payments from states EU and social housing. And for a high-quality forgery of a passport, it will be possible to use a visa-free agreement in force between Ukraine and the European Union.

As the sellers of legal passports, which are issued with the help of corrupt Ukrainian officials, noted in an interview with, this service has practically disappeared recently.

“Real, completely legal Ukrainian documents become more difficult to make, the further the operation goes. Russia in Ukraine. There are exactly two reasons: the country’s destroyed infrastructure and the increased cases of witch hunts within Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies. And if it turns out that an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine issued passports to Russian citizens for a fee, he can become a defendant in a case with a much more serious period than with a simple forgery of documents, ”the source of stated.

Previously on the dark web started selling remote access to carsharing machines. With it, you can track the location of the car, open and close it, turn the engine on and off.

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