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In the United States, they were worried about the possible refusal of Europe from sanctions against Russia Russian news EN

Politico announced US fear of Europe’s possible withdrawal of sanctions against Russia

In the context of the deteriorating economic situation in Europe, the authorities USA concerned whether their partners in Europe would continue to support sanctions against Russia. About it writes Politico edition.

The authors of the material stated that the United States was afraid of a possible refusal by Europe of sanctions against Moscow.

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“American officials based in Europe are sending colleagues in Washington warnings that some countries whose populations support Russia are growing angry over sanctions and blaming the US for rising spending. This sentiment could put pressure on European leaders to withdraw their support for sanctions.

According to two senior US officials, this concern has sparked a flurry of negotiations among US officials. “The situation is shaky,” one source told Politico.

Formerly Belgian Senator Alain Detex urged Europe to negotiate with Russia on Ukraine. He is sure that Europe should abandon the hard line that the Ukrainian leader is promoting. Vladimir Zelensky.

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