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In the Russian region, publications about the double opening of the Sports Palace were explained Russian news EN

Krasnodar authorities called incorrect data on two openings of the Sports Palace

Talk about two openings of the Palace of Water Sports in Krasnodar incorrectly, said the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports Krasnodar Territory. Comment “” provided in the administration of the governor of the region. This is how local authorities responded to media reports that the facility was opened twice.

The fact that the same object was solemnly opened twice in Krasnodar reported Baza Telegram channel. According to the publication, on September 29, the Palace of Water Sports was presented by the Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin. On November 4, the opening took place already under the governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratiev. Both times the events were attended by eminent Russian athletes and spectators.

The Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the region confirmed that at the end of September, within the framework of the forum “Russia – a sports power” in the palace held test competitions and a teleconference with the participation of the assistant to the President of Russia Igor Levitin and Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin. However, they noted that these competitions were test ones and were not the official opening of the palace.

“The official opening was held on November 4 on National Unity Day with the participation of the Governor of Kuban. Eminent champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, young athletes were invited to it, demonstration performances in diving and synchronized swimming were organized. Therefore, it is incorrect to talk about two discoveries, ”the press service said.

The department also stated that the water sports palace will start working in the near future, but for now, children are being recruited into groups, staffing the coaching staff, and developing a training schedule. “They will also provide a separate time for residents who want to use the services of the water sports palace,” the Ministry assured.

Previously became knownthat the Cabinet of Ministers of Russia allocated 257 million rubles to the Kuban for the elimination of a landfill in city ​​of Gelendzhik Krasnodar Territory.

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