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In Russia, they noticed an increase in interest in the Tamagotchi Russian news EN

Analysts at Moneyplace reported an increase in sales of the Tamagotchi toy in Russia

AT Russia there has been an increase in sales of the Tamagotchi toy, according to data on sales on the Wildberries marketplace, collected by the analytical agency Moneyplace. In October alone, almost 3,000 toys in various configurations were sold.

Tamagotchi is a Japanese egg-shaped electronic toy with a display. The player’s task is to raise a virtual pet, feed it and take care of it, play, monitor its health, watching how the animal grows. A feature of the game is that in the absence of proper and timely care, the pet dies.

According to representatives of the analytical agency, a new wave of popularity of Japanese toys in Russia came in the last six months.

“At the same time, toys with a non-color display were popular in March, and toys with a color display appear in August and the interest of buyers moves to them. At the same time, the turnover exceeded 1 million rubles in August, ”they shared in Moneyplace.

Top-sales in terms of money fell on October of this year – they managed to earn 1.5 million rubles on the toy. Further, according to the agency, followed by August – 1.3 million rubles, after – July and May, sales in these months amounted to a little less than 1 million. The growth in the turnover of goods from October to March 2022 amounted to 213 percent.

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Economy, together with the Ministry of Health, Roskomnadzor and Mintsifra want to oblige developers and publishers of games mark content by age categories, as well as to prohibit in Russia the release and sale of video games that contain information prohibited for distribution.

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