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In Russia, a father with many children was mobilized with a cyst in his head Russian news EN

Amber Mash: a large father with a cyst in his head was mobilized in the Kaliningrad region

AT Kaliningrad region mobilized a father with many children with a cyst in his head. Farmer Denis Bogomolov from the city of Gusev suffering from the disease since 2018, reports Telegram- Amber Mash channel.

“The cyst is located somewhere in the area of ​​​​the nasal sinuses, it periodically becomes very inflamed, to the point that the brother feels very bad: nosebleeds, high pressure, with untimely assistance, everything can end, of course, sadly,” said the sister of the mobilized Russian. She explained that during the period of inflammation of the cyst, Bogomolov feels so bad that he cannot get out of bed.

Despite this, the man received a summons to the military registration and enlistment office. The Russian lives with his wife and three children – eleven, four and eight years old. After the mobilization of Bogomolov, they were left without help in a private house. In the military unit, the man was assured that they would conduct a medical examination and let him go home as soon as he provided all the necessary certificates, but after he brought the documents, the decision of the military registration and enlistment office did not change.

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The farmer’s family appealed to the prosecutor’s office and local authorities, but the question of Bogomolov’s return is still open.

Since the announcement in Russia partial mobilization, the inhabitants of the country often complained about mistakes and shortcomings in its implementation. President spoke about the situation Vladimir Putinwhich the urged return home the citizens mobilized by mistake.

After the discovery of shortcomings in most regions of Russia, those erroneously called up were returned home, and the military commissars responsible for the mistakes were reprimanded. October 21 MP State Duma Andrey Kartapolov informed about the return home of almost ten thousand mobilized Russians.

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