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In Germany, vegetable greenhouses began to close amid the energy crisis Russian news EN

BR24: German agronomists have started to abandon the cultivation of vegetables due to the energy crisis

AT Germany vegetable greenhouses began to close amid soaring energy prices. About it informs Bavarian radio BR24.

German agronomists were forced to give up growing vegetables because it was too expensive in winter. So, a married couple Tanya and Andreas Evers said that now they cannot afford the required temperatures in a gas-heated greenhouse. The couple complained that it is not known how much it will cost them to grow vegetables now, since the gas contract expires by the end of the year. However, the Everses are sure that everything will rise in price, starting with seeds and fertilizers, and ending with fuel and gas.

Some customers are already turning away from unscheduled purchases of cocktail cherry tomatoes, the couple said, prompting the Evers to replace tomatoes and cucumbers with lettuce. Andreas stressed that he does not intend to wait for support from the state, but will take everything into his own hands. He explained that he plans to purchase a thermal power plant capable of generating heat and electricity running on liquefied natural gas.

Previously became known about stopping the work of vegetable greenhouses in Great Britain due to rising fuel prices. In addition, the British also faced a shortage of fertilizer, the cost of which has risen three times compared to last year.

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