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In Germany, a Jordanian attacked a Ukrainian refugee with a knife Russian news EN

Bild: in southern Germany, a 28-year-old Jordanian attacked a 21-year-old refugee from Ukraine with a knife

AT Germany refugee from Jordan nearly killed a 21-year-old Ukrainian refugee by attacking her with a knife. It is reported by the local newspaper Bild.

The incident took place last week in the community of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the south of the country. A 28-year-old man met a girl working as a maid in one of the hotels in front of her apartment and stabbed her. Both lived in the same hostel and knew each other, while the motive for the crime is still unknown.

After the attack, the suspect fled on a bicycle. It was possible to detain the Jordanian thanks to the owner of one of the local restaurants, who noticed a suspicious man who visited his establishment several times. The police found the suspect in one of the utility rooms of the building, he surrendered without resistance. According to local law enforcement officers, the injured Ukrainian was hospitalized, she remains in serious condition.

Previously in one of the refugee shelters Berlin the male killed his wife, a native Ukraine kitchen knife. Arriving alongside managed to detain a 50-year-old suspect not far from the crime scene. The couple’s neighbors claim that the couple’s two children were with them at the time of the quarrel.

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