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In Europe, they called Putin an “incredibly informed” person Russian news EN

ECB chief Lagarde calls Russian President Putin “incredibly informed”

Chapter European Central Bank (ECB) Christine Lagardetalking about past meetings with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, called him “incredibly informed” about the course of the case, but now, in her opinion, he has “changed a lot.” She stated this in an interview with the radio station RTE, quotes from which the newspaper cites. Irish Times.

“He knew his documents inside and out, he didn’t need his papers, he didn’t need someone to prepare him in advance,” recalls Lagarde. She linked these qualities of Putin to his work in the State Security Committee (KGB) in the past.

However, according to Lagarde, Putin “has changed a lot because he was not as sick as he is now.” She also called the Russian president “terrifying.”

Formerly Brigadier General of the Air Force USA retired Blaine Holt agreed with Vladimir Putin’s warning that the world will face the most difficult and dangerous decade since the Second World War. In his opinion, the United States should sit down at the negotiating table to prevent the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict.

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