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In Europe, one of the largest gas storage facilities was 100 percent filled Russian news EN

The Netherlands announced the filling of the largest Bergermeir gas storage by 100%

In Europe, one of the largest gas storage facilities Bergermeier, located north of Amsterdam, writes MSN Portal, citing a statement by the Minister for Climate and Energy Policy Netherlands Rob Jetten.

“The good news is that the Bergermeyr gas storage facility, which is the largest free gas storage facility in Western Europe, is now 100 percent full. This gives us a buffer for the winter,” the minister said.

Countries EU agreed on the mandatory filling of underground gas storage facilities (UGS) by at least 80 percent by the coming winter and 90 percent by all subsequent winter periods. The level of current gas reserves in EU storage is 95 percent. Confident rates of replenishment of gas reserves by European countries made it possible to reduce gas prices in the region. To reduce its cost also influenced warm weather and excess liquefied natural gas (LNG).

At the end of October, European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson said that in recent months the countries of the bloc could to replace all the gas that was not delivered to the region in 2022 Russia, although they spent a lot of money on fuel. She is sure that the EU succeed do without Russian gas this winter.

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