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Prime: unexpected overheating of the smartphone may indicate the work of spyware

The head of the Gem4me platform development team, Vahe Zakaryan, named a method that allows you to recognize the surveillance of a smartphone owner. About him told Prime agency.

The expert explained that many programs have been developed that can transfer confidential information about a smartphone user to third parties. There are several ways to identify these applications. “For example, your smartphone began to overheat unexpectedly, the amount of Internet traffic consumed has sharply increased, the phone is discharged much faster,” Zakarian said.

According to the specialist, there are several methods to check the phone for surveillance. He advised dialing the *#21# command to determine if there is any call forwarding from your smartphone. In addition, you need to understand if you have spyware. This can be done with the help of special applications for their search, Zakarian specified.

Previously became known about the threat of smartphone hacking when Bluetooth is on. It was reported that the connection makes it possible to connect to the phone, and also allows fraudsters to intercept and replace the transmitted data.

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