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The Verge: Onyx announces tablet with e-ink screen and camera

Onyx has announced the Boox Tab Ultra, which features an e-ink display and a camera. About it informs edition of The Verge.

According to journalists, the uniqueness of Boox Tab Ultra lies in the fact that the tablet is the first device on the market that combines an E Ink screen and a camera. Experts noted that the e-ink screen is monochrome and is intended mainly for use in e-books – the use of this technology in a device with a camera seemed atypical to journalists.

Representatives of Onyx explained that the 16-megapixel camera located on the back of the gadget is not so much for taking pictures, but for scanning and digitizing paper documents. “You need to turn on the tablet’s rear camera to take a picture of your document and immediately convert it to text,” the company noted.

Boox Tab Ultra received a 10.3-inch display, a Snapdragon 662 processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal memory. The tablet runs on a modified version of Android 11 and has a 6300 milliamp-hour battery. The cost of Boox Tab Ultra was 599 dollars or about 35 thousand rubles, sales will begin in November.

In August, scientists from the University of Surrey (Great Britain) predicted the emergence and distribution of paper books with the function of augmented reality (AR). According to experts, such devices will allow you to simultaneously receive information from the printed page and the screen.

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