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Frequently traveling Russian woman named profitable ways to pay in Turkey Russian news EN

The author of the blog on “Yandex.Zen” named seven ways to pay in Turkey

A Russian travel blogger who often travels abroad lists seven payment methods in Turkey, which will allow tourists not to lose money on commissions. She told about it in the Like Travel Travel blog on the platform “Yandex.Zen”.

The traveler named transfers through the Golden Crown service as the first profitable way to get cash lira. According to her, in the mobile application, you can exchange rubles from a Russian bank card at a rate “as close as possible to the Central Bank” and receive currency in post office or at specialized locations. In addition, those who have cryptocurrency can withdraw cash from crypto exchanges.

“Russians can open a bank card in Turkey, even without a residence permit, and then pay with this card. True, this will require either a deposit of several thousand dollars, or a bank branch in a non-tourist city, without a large flow of such people, ”the blog author noted a common method.

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The most common ways turned out to be the exchange for lira bought in Russia dollars or imported rubles. However, their disadvantages are the high rate in exchange offices, and you can lose up to 25 percent of the total amount on conversions with rubles. Tourists can also pay in dollars, but the blogger recalled that “every time you have to overpay, and in small towns in Turkey they may simply not be accepted.”

“Exchanging rubles for cash lira from other people — there are many chats on social networks for this, where people offer to buy lira from them by transferring rubles to a Russian bank card. As a rule, these are also tourists who have left cash lira after their vacation. The course will be by agreement, but the method seems to me not the most convenient and safe,” the traveler told about another opportunity.

Earlier in November, a Russian woman went on vacation at the Utopia World hotel in Turkish Alanya and complained about mold and numerous insects in the room. According to her, cockroaches, centipedes and wood lice were found under the shower in the bathroom.

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