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Information about the burning of military bodies in a mobile crematorium in Kursk turned out to be unreliable

The message that the mobilized, who died during a special military operation on Ukraineburned in a mobile crematorium in Kurskturned out to be unreliable.

Telegram- the channel “Look for your own” published a post that in Kursk the dead mobilized “are burned like cattle, and then passed off as dead Ukrainians.” This, according to the report, was told by an employee of a mobile crematorium. The channel attached a screenshot of a post allegedly published in the “Overheard Kursk” community on VKontakte to the publication.

In “In contact with” indeed there is a community “Overheard Kursk”, but the photo there is different. In addition, there is no post on the burning of the bodies of those mobilized in Kursk in the public.

You can also notice that the screenshot posted on Telegram is fuzzy. This may indicate that the picture

Information about what Russia burns the bodies of his soldiers who died during a special operation in Ukraine to hide real losses, periodically pops up on social networks and Ukrainian media. However, these messages have been repeatedly refuted.

The message about the secret burning of the bodies of those mobilized in Kursk was not published in the media. Only a few accounts on VKontakte wrote about this, copying the message from the original source. Among them – “Empires of Evil (Russia, USA, Israel, China)”, “Kira Peretz” and miss you.

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