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“Shocking photos” from the air defense base of the Moscow region turned out to be old pictures from the cemetery of equipment

Photographs allegedly showing broken air defense systems Moscowturned out to be ten-year-old photographs from the cemetery of military equipment in Moscow region.

Advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko October 29 posted in his official Telegram channel publication with “shocking photos” that were allegedly taken by a former Soviet intelligence officer Viktor Suvorov at the air defense base in the Moscow region. It was alleged that the complexes captured in the pictures were supposed to ensure the security of Moscow and protect it from a nuclear strike, but were “abandoned in the forests around the capital.”

The author of the post also claimed that the entire anti-missile defense of Moscow had long since collapsed. At the same time, any data confirming that the published photographs were indeed taken at an operating air defense base were not given in the publication.

In fact, the photos were taken at a cemetery of abandoned military equipment in the Moscow region, and not on the territory of a military unit, and were published by one of the users LiveJournal back in 2013 and part of them even earlier, in 2011.

In addition, in the pictures you can see samples of weapons that have already been removed from service and are not used to protect Moscow. In particular, we are talking about S-200 anti-aircraft missile systems, which, as the portal wrote “Military Review”were finally withdrawn from service with the Russian air defense forces by the beginning of the 2000s, as well as about early modifications of the S-300, which are also no longer used to ensure the security of the capital.

Yes, back in 2017 TASS reported that the S-300PM systems, which had previously formed the basis of the “Moscow air defense ring”, began to be actively replaced by more advanced S-400 Triumph systems. In 2020, Major General Sergei Grabchuk, commander of the Moscow Anti-Missile Defense (ABM) formation, reported that the capital’s missile defense systems destroy a target in less than a minute, reported “Gazeta.RU”. In addition, in 2021 it became known that the 15th Special Forces Army of the VKS RFwhich covers Moscow and the Central Industrial Region of the country, even more modern S-500 Prometheus air defense systems arrived, they wrote “News”.

The publication did not receive coverage in the Russian media, but was distributed in pro-Ukrainian Telegram channels. In addition, such materials appeared in public and on the personal pages of users in social networks (one, 2, 3four).

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