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The European Parliament announced the abuse of spyware in the EU countries

The politicians and diplomats responsible for the use of spyware sit in European Council and take no responsibility for abuse. This was stated by the Special Rapporteur European Parliament MP Sophie in’t Weld, quoted by TASS.

She also called for a moratorium on the use of spyware in European Union and convene a separate summit on this issue. “This moratorium can be lifted in specific countries if they can ensure the fulfillment of four conditions,” the deputy emphasized, explaining that the conditions are the investigation of the allegations, evidence of a legal basis for the legal use of spyware, and cooperation with Europol. The last condition is to revoke the permission to export such software outside the EU.

According to Sophie in’t Weld, this issue should be discussed at the highest level. She also stated that many countries abuse such programs. The commission’s greatest concern, in particular, was the situation in Poland and Hungary. There, such programs are an integral part of the system created to control and prosecute citizens who criticize the government, the deputy noted.

Not so long ago in Spain A scandal erupted after it became known that the National Intelligence Center (CNI) of the country tapped the phones of Catalan and Basque politicians along with the phones of key figures in the Spanish government. To do this, they used the Pegasus program: it was developed by the Israeli company NSO Group. The software is sold only to states and is used to spy on individuals suspected of having links with the underworld and terrorist organizations.

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