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Erdogan spoke about the timing of the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO Russian news EN

Erdogan: the timing of the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO depends on their fulfillment of Turkey’s conditions

At the office of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told that the leader of the country during a meeting with the Secretary General NATO Jens Stoltenberg pointed out that the timing Sweden and Finland into the North Atlantic Alliance depend on how quickly both countries fulfill the Ankara conditions, says RIA News.

“Erdogan noted that the speed of the approval process of the trilateral memorandum between TurkeySweden and Finland and the steps to be taken by these countries will determine the timing of its completion,” the Erdogan administration said.

He also noted the need to return to the negotiation process for a peaceful resolution of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Former Vice Speaker Federation Council of Russia Konstantin Kosachev commented the process of accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO. According to him, the North Atlantic Alliance considers itself entitled to speak on behalf of its members, even when their positions diverge diametrically. He believes that this could lead to an explosive situation in NATO.

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