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Employees of the Russian boarding school were convicted of tying children for education Russian news EN

“Notepad Voronezh”: employees of the Buturlinovsky boarding school tied up children for education

The publication “Notebook Voronezh” convicted employees of the Buturlinovsky orphanage for mentally retarded children of bullying children. Relevant photos from the source are published on website editions.

The photographs are said to show children tied up for educational purposes without a psychiatrist’s appointment. In addition, according to the source, the children in the groups are larger than the norm, doctors work part-time and come mainly before commissions, and food is stolen. “This and similar incidents have not received any further development, since the director of the institution has serious “patrons,” the source said.

The publication handed over information and pictures to the Department of Social Protection Voronezh region. However, they considered that the information provided was unreliable and was a provocation. “The employees of the boarding school have shown a good level of providing comfortable living for children and adolescents with mental disorders,” the agency said in a response. At the same time, they said that the facts were being investigated.

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