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Electricity went out in all districts of Kherson Russian news EN

Khersonoblenergo: electricity was lost in all districts of Kherson

In all areas Kherson turned off the light, while there is no information about why this happened. Writes about it RIA News with reference to Khersonoblenergo.

The city periodically experiences power outages after shelling. For example, light disappeared in the center of Kherson in mid-September, earlier that day there were more than five explosions. At the same time, the press service of the regional administration assured that the city was reliably protected from APU attacks. It was argued that the defense is stable, and the territory of the region is “reliably protected by engineering and defensive structures” of the Armed Forces Russia.

A few days before there stopped trolleybuses, cafes and shops with an electronic form of service were closed, and water supply was also stopped.

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