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Two eco-activists glued themselves to a dinosaur skeleton at the Natural History Museum in Berlin

Two members of the environmental movement Letzten Generation (“Last Generation”) staged a protest at the Natural History Museum in Berlin, reported Berliner Morgenopst edition. The women glued themselves to a dinosaur skeleton that is over 60 million years old.

The women, aged 34 and 42, protested under the slogan “What if the government does not keep it under control”, indicated on the poster. So the activists tried to draw attention to the problems of climate change, which, in their opinion, will lead to the extinction of people, like dinosaurs.

The time for the action (13:30) was not chosen by chance: on Sunday afternoon, the maximum number of people gather. After the activists were detained, the police said that the women did not damage the exhibit, as they were glued not to the bones themselves, but to the skeleton supports.

This is not the first action of environmental activists trying to attract attention in scandalous ways. So, October 23 hooligans doused painting of Claude Monet with mashed potatoes, and then they smeared their hands with glue and leaned them against the wall. A day later, protesters attacked with cake statue of Charles III in the wax museum.

In addition, eco-activists from Just Stop Oil glued yourself to the picture Jan Vermeer “Girl with a Pearl Earring” at the Mauritshuis Art Gallery in Netherlands.

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