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Just Stop Oil activists who glued themselves to Vermeer painting face prison terms

Glued themselves to the picture Jan Vermeer “Girl with a Pearl Earring” eco-activists from Just Stop Oil were sentenced to prison terms. On the punishment for attacking a work of art in the Mauritshuis Royal Gallery in The Hague informs The Guardian.

On October 27, one of the participants in the protest action glued head against the protective glass covering the picture, another man stuck his hand next to the canvas and doused his colleague with tomato soup, the third filmed the performance on camera.

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The first activist and cameraman were reportedly each given two months in prison. The verdict on the third participant of the action has not yet been passed, but he agreed to consider the case in an accelerated mode.

Just Stop Oil considers it their goal to show how something beautiful is destroyed, with a reference to the destruction of the planet by human activity. However, the prosecutor does not share their point of view. “The work of art has been hung in the museum so that we can all enjoy contemplating it. However, the defendants decided to discredit him. They felt that their statement is more important than anything else,” he said.

It is clarified that initially the prosecutor’s office requested four months of imprisonment for the accused, but the judge announced that she did not want her sentence to prevent other people from participating in the actions.

Formerly two members of the environmental movement Letzten Generation (“The Last Generation”) arranged protest at the Natural History Museum in Berlin by gluing himself to a 60-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton. So the women tried to draw attention to the problems of climate change, which, in their opinion, will lead to the extinction of people, like dinosaurs.

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