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Canada has declared its readiness to engage in dialogue with Russia and China Russian news EN

Canadian Foreign Minister Joly announced her readiness to engage in dialogue with Russia and China

Government Canada ready to engage in dialogue with Russia and China at various sites. Otherwise, the country may lose its influence in the world, stated Canadian foreign minister Melanie Joly broadcast on CBC radio.

“I think we are now, for many reasons, at a historic moment. Definitely, the tectonic plates in the world have begun to move, ”the head of the Canadian foreign policy department believes.

She explained that at the moment there is a struggle for influence in the geopolitical arena, where Russia and China are in contact with Africa, Asia and Latin America. Canada also needs to make contacts. Joly stressed that she was not going to follow the strategy of “refusal of the opponent to participate in the debate.”

“Russia is in contact with many African countries, trying to accuse the West, USA and their allies in regards to the food crisis (..) That is why we need to act in UNat the G20 summit, we must be at every table,” concluded the Minister of Defense of Canada.

Previously reportedthat Canada is imposing sanctions against 35 Russians, including members of the leadership holding “Gazprom”as well as six companies in the Russian energy sector.

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