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Blogger Hasbeek promised to bring problems to the Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor

Dagestan blogger Khasbulla Magomedov, known as Khasbik, in an interview YouTube-channel Nelk Boys Full Send promised to cause problems for the Irish fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Conor McGregor.

“Yes, I have seen all the posts about me. But for me he is not a rival, he only knows how to chat. To me, he’s not even a fighter. If I meet him, I’ll give him problems. Which? I don’t know, but I’ll definitely come up with something, ”said the blogger, emphasizing that he did not respect McGregor and would refuse to talk to him when they met.

McGregor has repeatedly insulted Hasbick on his social media. So, in September wrotethat “with pleasure I would have kicked this petty bastard Khasbulla into the goal” and called the Dagestan a stinking degenerate.

Hasbik gained popularity on social media while promoting his duel with fellow midget blogger Abdurozik. The fight never took place. In October Hasbik signed a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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