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Biden called the condition for the end of the conflict in Ukraine Russian news EN

US President Biden allowed the end of the conflict in Ukraine with the withdrawal of Russian troops

The president USA Joe Biden described the condition under which the conflict can end on Ukraine. His words lead TASS.

Before leaving for a foreign tour, Biden spoke about the situation in Ukraine. He allowed the conflict to end with the withdrawal of troops Russia from the country.

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“I don’t think the conflict will be resolved until [президент РФ Владимир] Putin will not display [силы] from Ukraine,” he stressed.

Former President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky declared about the possibility of negotiations with Russia. He noted that he did not close the door of dialogue with Moscow. “I said, we will be ready to talk with Russia, but with another Russia – one that will be truly ready for peace,” he specified.

November 9 official representative Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova statedthat Moscow is ready to negotiate with Ukraine. She stressed that the Russian side has never refused dialogue, but urged to take into account the circumstances that “are developing at the current moment.”

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