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Berlusconi called the reason for Kyiv’s refusal to negotiate Russian news EN

Berlusconi: Kyiv can start negotiations if the West refuses to supply arms

Former prime minister Italy Silvio Berlusconi called the supply of arms to Ukraine from the West cause that stops Kyiv from the start of negotiations. His words lead RIA News.

The politician admitted the possibility of holding peace talks to resolve the conflict in Ukraine only if the West stops military assistance. “Only if at some point Ukraine realizes that it can no longer count on weapons and assistance, and if the West promises to provide hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild its cities devastated by the war. Perhaps in this case, Zelensky could agree to sit down at the negotiating table,” Berlusconi said.

The ex-premier stressed that in the current realities, Italy can only support the West in protecting the sovereign right of Ukraine. He called for an end to the discussion of ownership Crimea Russiaas well as holding a new referendum on Donbass under the supervision of the West.

Formerly Berlusconi informed about the possibility of ending the conflict in Ukraine if the country’s president Vladimir Zelensky will announce the end of the attacks. The politician noted that this would also require strong intervention, which, according to him, is not observed either in Europe or in USA.

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