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Belarus warned of a response to Ukrainian provocations Russian news EN

The head of the border committee of Belarus Lappo: Minsk will give an answer in case of Ukrainian provocations

Chairman of the State Border Committee Belarus Anatoly Lappo warned of retaliatory measures in case of provocation by Ukraine in relation to the Belarusian border guards. This is reported RIA News.

“We are peace-loving people, but we will not allow ourselves to be offended. They also understand that if they come to us, they can get hit in the teeth,” said Lappo. He also said that the border guards had been rebuilt, because earlier modern Belarus had not been able to guard the border, on the other side of which there would be a military conflict. “Of course, we transferred reserves there,” he said.

“I have fortified outfits there, it’s not a secret for anyone, with weapons,” the head of the border committee added. According to him, strengthening the regime is necessary because of possible risks. Lappo pointed out that the Ukrainian military personnel “defiantly” placed mines on their side of the border. He clarified that most of the Ukrainian border guards are in the rear, and troops and territorial defense units have arrived at the border.

Previously became knownthat Ukraine mined the border with Belarus to strengthen defensive positions. The type of mine used was not specified.

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