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APU strike on energy infrastructure de-energized Energodar Russian news EN

Energodar is de-energized after the strike of Ukrainian troops on the energy infrastructure of the city

Energodar is de-energized after a strike by Ukrainian troops on the energy infrastructure of the city. This was announced by the head of the administration of Energodar Alexander Volga in his Telegram.

The head of the administration said that the fighters of the Armed Forces Ukraine (AFU) struck at the vital infrastructure and power lines of Energodar. Volga added that emergency crews were already working to restore power supply, and the city was temporarily switching to emergency power lines. “The situation is under control,” he concluded.

Earlier on Saturday, October 29, Energodar already was subjected to shelling from the APU. On October 29, a blow was delivered to the technical park of the communal enterprise Promin.

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