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Antonov accused the United States of unacceptable attitude towards Russian diplomats Russian news EN

Ambassador Antonov: Contact between Russian diplomats and the US State Department is fragmentary

American officials State Department almost no contact with representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission in USA, diplomacy is fragmented. Ambassador announced this Russia in Washington Anatoly Antonovtransmits RIA News.

“In fact, there are no contacts. There are fragmentary contacts when instructions come from Moscow, or there is a decision by the US leadership to hand over the document to us. I note that these contacts are mainly held through the embassy and the White House. Our diplomats are not accepted, unlike American diplomats in Moscow,” the ambassador explained.

Antonov accused the State Department of an unacceptable attitude towards Russian diplomats. He also stressed that representatives of Russian diplomats are received in the lobby of the building or near it “on a bench.”

Formerly Anatoly Antonov declaredthat the US authorities need to return to their homeland all their nuclear weapons deployed in other countries and get rid of the infrastructure for their storage. The diplomat added that the Russian arsenal of weapons of a similar class does not pose a threat to the United States.

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