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After the crash of the Su-30 on a residential building found new damage to households Russian news EN

The administration of Irkutsk announced eight damaged households after the crash of the Su-30

AT Irkutsk after the fall of the Su-30 fighter on a residential building, experts discovered various damages on the territory of eight households. This was reported in the administration of the Russian city, reports TASS.

According to Natalya Tsibanova, chairman of the Leninsky District Management Committee, the roofs of houses, verandas and outbuildings were damaged due to the plane crash. In addition, cracks were found in the brick wall of one of the houses.

Residents of damaged homes will receive compensation – they will be paid by the insurance company Irkutsk Aircraft Plantwho owned the plane.

Previously reportedthat several buildings were damaged due to the fall of a fighter plane in Irkutsk.

Su-30 aircraft during a test flight fell on a two-story house in Irkutsk on Przhevalsky Street on October 23. After it crashed, a fire started. Five people lived in the house that burned down after the plane crash – they were not in the building at the time of the Su-30 crash.

perished two military aircraft pilots Maxim Konyushin and Viktor Kryuchkov. Konyushin was awarded medals Ministry of Defense of Russia “For distinction in military service” of the third, second and first degrees, he was also awarded the title of “Honored Test Pilot of Russia”. Kryuchkov was born on Ukraine and moved to Irkutsk 10 years ago.

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