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A new payment system will appear in Russia Russian news EN

The Bank of Russia has registered a new payment system “Astrasend”

Non-bank credit organization “Inkahran” (a subsidiary of MKB), which provides services in the field of cash collection, is registered by the Central Bank as an operator of the new Astrasend payment system, testify data on the regulator’s website.

Through the system, Russians will be able to transfer funds abroad and within the country, as indicated in documentspublished on the website of the payment system. Transfers are made in dollars and rubles. The list of countries where you can send money will be presented after a while.

Astrasend became the second system registered Bank of Russia in 2022 – the first Hello system appeared in the registry in April of this year. How wrote Vedomosti, Hello performs the functions of a clearing and operations center for payments and transfers.

Former head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina toldthat the regulator is working with foreign partners on alternatives to the Mir card. Plans for an analog system emerged amid termination work of international payment systems Visa and Mastercard in Russia due to Western sanctions.

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