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A man hit his head in the pool while on vacation and was left paralyzed Russian news EN

In Australia, a Japanese tourist hit his head on the bottom of the pool and injured his spinal cord

A Japanese tourist who spent his holidays at a popular resort in australiahit his head on the bottom of the pool and suffered a serious spinal injury. About it writes Daily Mail.

22-year-old Haruto Morishita came on vacation to the north coast Sydney. On one of the days of rest, the young man went to the beach, where he decided to swim in the 50-meter ocean pool – during the jump, the tourist unsuccessfully hit his head on the bottom and remained paralyzed from the chest down.

The Japanese man was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and put on life support. Two weeks later, he was disconnected from the system, but the man also continues to experience problems with spontaneous breathing. Spinal cord injuries resulted in limited movement of the arms and legs. Doctors note that it may take months for a tourist to stabilize his health – then Morishita will be able to return to his homeland for further treatment.

Earlier in November, an American tourist who was vacationing in Hawaii fell out from a torn hammock, flew 15 meters down a rocky cliff and miraculously survived. It was noted that a girl with severe bleeding and fractures had to wait 40 minutes for the arrival of doctors.

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