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A fallen meteorite burned all the property of a man and killed his dog Russian news EN

Daily Star: A meteorite fell near a man’s house and led to a devastating fire

A meteorite the size of a basketball fell near the house of a resident of the US state of North Carolina, burned his home, deprived of property and killed a dog. About it informs Daily Star.

The injured Dustin Prosita himself did not see the meteorite that destroyed his house. “I didn’t see what it was. Everyone I spoke to claims to have seen a fireball falling from the sky,” the man explained. Neighbors shared videos of the moment of the meteor’s fall. The footage shows how a luminous fireball illuminates the entire neighborhood with a flash.

“I heard a loud bang and smelled smoke. I went out onto the porch and it was completely on fire. As a child, I always loved watching meteor showers, but I never expected one of them to fall in my yard or break through the roof of my house, ”said Prosita, a survivor of the devastating fire.

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One of his dogs, named Tag, was locked in the house and died. The owner of the house said that he and his wife, Jeanette, lost all their possessions in the fire and were left homeless. “I was definitely very lucky that it happened nine meters away from me, and not a meter away. They say that the chance of this is one in four trillion, so I need to buy a lottery ticket, ”the American emphasized.

Local fire department spokesman Clayton Thomas said he had never worked on a fire caused by a meteorite. Local authorities said the possibility that a meteorite hit the house could not be ruled out, although an investigation into the cause of the incident is ongoing.

Formerly precious fragments of a meteorite collapsed on the Brazilian city of Santa Filomena, enriched the locals and attracted thousands of tourists and explorers. Space blocks about 4.6 billion years old first filled the sky and then fell to the ground.

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