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A European country has decided to abolish dual citizenship Russian news EN

Izvestia: Finnish politicians propose to abolish second citizenship for Russians

Politicians Finland from time to time they propose to cancel the second citizenship for Russians. This is due to the intention to tighten restrictions on Russiawrite “News”.

“Proposals to reconsider the attitude towards the institution of dual citizenship, in particular in relation to holders of Russian passports, periodically put forward by individual Finnish politicians,” the newspaper notes.

It is also indicated that in this way the European country wants to attract the attention of the media in order to cover these events in detail against the backdrop of anti-Russian sanctions.

Previously it was reported that get citizenship for the purchase of housing in 2022, Russians can Turkey, Montenegro and Grenada. We are talking about government programs that allow foreigners to obtain citizenship by investing in real estate. In addition to the three indicated countries, in a similar way, Russians can acquire a passport Vanuatu.

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