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A cardiologist called the signs of a stroke and heart attack in a person Russian news EN

Cardiologist Efrmekin: quick help in case of a heart attack or stroke will help to avoid disability

Ivan Efremkin, a cardiologist at the OMC Group of Companies, spoke about the signs of a stroke and heart attack. According to the expert, it is impossible to prevent the occurrence of these violations in advance. However, knowing about the symptoms of a stroke and heart attack, you can react faster, which means you can get timely help from doctors and not get irreversible consequences. The doctor spoke about this during a conversation with

“There are no signs by which you can understand in advance that you will have a heart attack or stroke, otherwise we would not have such a number of deaths and such a large percentage of disability from these conditions,” Efremkin said.

It is possible to understand that a person has a heart attack or a stroke only at the moment when it is already happening, the physician emphasized. However, if the symptoms are identified in time, you can count on timely medical assistance.

It is very important. If you receive prompt medical attention, there is a good chance of a full recovery. If you suspect that you have a heart attack or stroke, you should immediately call an ambulance

Ivan Efremkincardiologist

Among the main signs of a heart attack, the physician singled out severe squeezing pain behind the sternum, which can radiate to the left shoulder, under the shoulder blade, and even to the jaw. Also, a person may feel a feeling of heaviness in the chest area, weakness, dizziness. Feast of this pain will not pass at rest, the doctor noted. With a heart attack, a person also notices a rapid heartbeat, cold, clammy sweat, shortness of breath, impaired speech, and confusion.

“Sometimes there can be severe nausea, vomiting and pain in the upper abdomen. Many patients report that during a heart attack they experienced a strong sense of fear of death. Also, patients with diabetes mellitus may not have pain syndrome, ”added the cardiologist.

The doctor attributed the signs of a stroke to paralysis of one half of the body or one of the limbs on this side, loss of speech or its impairment, partial or complete loss of vision, double vision and impaired gait. Also, with this disorder, a person experiences acute dizziness that does not go away in a sitting or lying position.

“Quite often, when a person has a stroke, he may not understand what is happening to him, especially if he has not encountered this before and does not know about the symptoms. A simple test to identify a stroke is to ask the person to smile or raise both hands at the same time. He will not be able to do this, because one side of the body will be paralyzed, ”said Efremkin.

Previously, it was known that some people may overlookwho have suffered a heart attack, as they are used to enduring pain for a long time or are afraid to see a doctor. Such behavior is deadly, warned a cardiologist, candidate of medical sciences, researcher at the N.N. Academician E. I. Chazova Olga Aparina.

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