Stopping transport during an alarm

The decision of the Council of Defense will force the people of Kiev to spend more on travel.


A petition was registered on the website of the Kyiv City Council to cancel the decision of the Kyiv Defense Council regarding the stoppage of work public transport during an air raid in the city.

This is stated in relevant petition.

The author assured that this decision is “unreasonable and harmful for the residents of the city and the economy of the capital,” and it was made by people who “never used public transport and only drive cars.”

The text also notes that the decision of the Defense Council will force the people of Kiev to spend more on travel, because public transport loses at least some minimal benefits for people. Thus, they will be forced to change to cars, which leads to an increase in transport costs by 5-10 times and will entail the destruction of the city’s transport system.

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As of publication time, the proposal has received 1,148 signatures out of 6,000 required.

Recall that from August 1, terrestrial public transport will stop for the duration of the air raid so that passengers leave the cabin and go to the nearest shelter.

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