South Korea will develop measures to reduce the rate of population decline

The South Korean government is developing measures to reduce the rate of population decline. It is reported by KBS with reference to the statement of the First Deputy Minister of Strategy and Finance of the country. Bang Gi Sung.

He made this statement on June 24 during the first meeting of the working group on countering threats to demographic security.

A spokesman for the ministry emphasized that the problem of population decline is becoming more and more serious, and also added that the authorities are striving to solve this problem.

Bang Ki-sun emphasized that the first thing the government will focus on is slowing down the rate of population decline. For this, a system of payments to parents will be introduced, support for citizens will be strengthened in marriage, the birth of children and other issues related to creating a family and raising children.

He also announced plans to optimize the education system, expand support for regions facing a problem…

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