South Korea reforms the system of financial support for the population

The South Korean government is reforming the system of financial support for the population in overcoming the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and social support measures. This is reported by KBS, citing a government source.

From July 11, only South Korean families earning below the median income will be eligible for government assistance for people with COVID-19, according to released data.

The government noted that the adjustment was inevitable, and also stressed that the relevant measures are aimed at concentrating financial resources on more relevant areas and preparing for a possible new wave of the spread of coronavirus in the second half of the year.

The benefit is currently available to individuals who must self-isolate due to the virus, regardless of income level. At the same time, families of one person receive 100,000 won (~$77), and families of two or more people receive 150,000 won (~$116).

In addition, the changes also affected the payment system …

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